5 Simple Steps to Success

Creative Process Marketing

Step 1


Developing a concept means learning our client.

Before we go to the drawing board, we come to you. Let us guide you through a proven process of information gathering where we help you (help us) focus on your target market, core message, brand, competition and internal/external perceptions. Once we know YOU, we can conceptualize your marketing.

Step 2


What’s your story? Do your customer’s know and understand that story?

From our concept meeting, we’re able to create key messaging for your brand that paints a written picture. This messaging is woven into your marketing materials, social media, public relations…anything that touches internal or external customers. A consistent message builds recognition.

Step 3


Our designers are experienced and love what they do.

They work with your key messaging to create a visual platform reflecting your message and brand. With more than 20 years of experience in brand development, we’re able to work with your team to develop a design scheme which will captivate and capture your target market. Be assured that the design will match your goals. It isn’t enough to create beautiful visuals, they must also serve your overall marketing goals.

Step 4


Ask any of our clients and they’ll all tell you the same thing.

They feel like they’re our only client. We pride ourselves on customer service. Our team takes on challenges, but not without an overall project management focus. We are here for our clients and no matter the size of the project, you can count on one-on-one attention and response.

Step 5


As we stated above, our designs are both captivating and functional.

We look at your overall marketing and strategic goals when developing your marketing scheme. Then we test our designs through our targeted matrix to be sure they fit your core messaging and brand through: font selection, copywriting, color, design feel (ie rounded corners will bring about a different feeling for your audience than sharp lines) and, most important, through your eyes. We listen to you!

Have a question about marketing and social media? Give us a call! We love talking with new businesses.