Striking the Right Chords Online


Peghead Nation teaches people how to play guitar and other string instruments online by connecting aspiring learners to a community of passionate teachers. After launching they achieved success but desired to increase their visibility and grow at an even more substantial pace. We met with them to understand what guided their initial success, and enhanced those strengths to increase their web traffic and their session duration.

Peghead Nation

Peghead Nation is the home of roots music instruction, gear, and news for players of guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, fiddle, bass, and ukulele where users can learn to play online. They are a growing and creative group of national instructors and students providing a unique and impressive service.


Peghead Nation knew their website had to excel at SEO, allowing prospective learners to find their site. Some of their dollars were invested into Paid Search efforts that needed to be optimized in order to achieve the growth they wanted.

Besides generating new clients to their site, Peghead Nation uses a complex conversion to ensure success. They were measuring ROI by tracking frequency and length of visit to the site. Learning an instrument takes dedication and time–Peghead Nation needed to bring users to their site with a sense of urgency.


Improving SEO

Meeting with Peghead Nation in 2017, we immediately went to work by auditing their existing search analytics and overall situation. We identified some technical improvements to the website which enhanced the performance. Our SEO strategy allowed us to target major keywords for the site. We bolstered these efforts with new pages on the website.

The changes to the platform were developed with sustainability in mind as we found a tight budget was another challenge. The methods we implemented to optimize SEO allowed for Peghead Nation to spend a small amount to capture web traffic, yet apply a larger spend toward producing more content. Developing more content drew even more users to the site with richer content.

Paid Search

Peghead Nation had established a long-term paid search campaign targeting their core keywords. This campaign would benefit from focus and attention–this was needed to obtain optimal results. More importantly, we wanted to focus on quality and actual return on investment (ROI). Peghead Nation’s conversion process is complex as it accounts for more frequency and longer session times. We were able to track the number of users who had originated from pay-per-click ad.

We sifted through the existing search terms and rebuilt campaigns around specific keywords to tighten their targeting. Immediate results were seen in the performance data of these ads. Still operating with a restricted budget, we kept our bids low and made measured increases to maximize traffic toward higher quality keywords. With the improved performance data, we isolated and eliminated low performing campaigns which freed up the budget to build enhanced campaigns that provided better results.

After a month of managing the campaigns, we returned them to in-house management.


  • Our SEO improvements resulted in a 55.1% increase in traffic from 2016 to 2017
  • In 2018, improvement continued, with traffic increasing another 43.2%
  • Organic sales increased 46.1% from 2017 to 2018
  • PPC improved by 58.4% compared to the start of the year
  • Cost-per-click improved with the elimination of poor-quality keywords
  • Average session duration increased 30.6% and bounce rate decreased 15.9%

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