Pizza Place on Cyberspace


DeLuca’s Restaurant is traditional Italian eatery which has received numerous accolades from Lansing, MI. The restaurant is family owned, and the family works hard to deliver delicious pizza, incredible service, and an excellent dining experience. Focusing on the restaurant left no time for the website or social media however, and the owners weren’t finding the same success from the online community. PMSI joined DeLuca’s to help update their website and social media campaigns. Using new images, layouts and posting more frequently on social media; PMSI was able to match DeLuca’s digital reputation with their local one.

DeLuca’s Restaurant

Family owned and operated for over 50 years and through three generations, DeLuca’s Restaurant is located in Lansing, MI. The restaurant has a loyal following in the area and they continue to impress diners after decades. They boast seventeen consecutive ‘Best of the Best’ awards from the Lansing Pulse. DeLuca’s has a strong, traditional brand of the classic Italian restaurant that welcomes families and friends with rich, savory meals. Leave room for dessert.


While connecting with their loyal fanbase well, DeLuca’s online appearance left room for improvement. Their posts on social media contained photos of black and white flyers, and the plated shots of food lacked professional staging to generate reactions. With their delicious menu and hard-working service ready to impress, DeLuca’s wanted newcomers to be attracted by their restaurant effectively online. They also needed to improve their impact on social media. Time away from the ovens and tables were hard to come by for the hard-working family, yet they knew they needed to contribute effective and timely posts on Facebook.


PMSI tackled the visual appeal of the website by showcasing the restaurant’s delicious food and its traditional atmosphere. They enhanced the look of the digital media with professional plated photos of their savory and generously portioned dishes. The layout of the site was updated to strengthen emphasize the passion and the history of the family owned-restaurant.
PMSI also managed the DeLuca’s Facebook account. The team stuck to averaging 2-4  posts a week to build impressions and reactions and convert those to measurable savings for the busy restaurant. PMSI used both organic and boosted posts to advertise the restaurant’s delicious creations as well as posting about the traditional DeLuca’s atmosphere to promote the restaurant brand.


  • Generated an approximate click value of $5,760 -15,680 through posts in 2017
  • Lowered Cost Per Click below half the typical restaurant industry average
  • Over 143,000 organic impressions to posts
  • Over 3,800 organic reactions to posts

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