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Twttr 4 ur Business

12 Apr Twttr 4 ur Business

tiwtter bird


A network for short & sweet updates. This blog will teach you how to brand your business in 140 characters or less, with room for a #hashtag.

The above introduction was exactly 140 characters long. This shows what you have to work with on Twitter, not very much compared to the 55,000 character count that Facebook allows and the limitless number of characters you can write beneath an Instagram post.

Twitter’s character limit presents a challenge, but also an opportunity. Creating clever content for your business and compacting that content into a 140 character post (really only 116 characters if you want your post to have a video or a picture) will make your customers more apt to engage with and support your activity on Twitter.

Today we hope to show you the strengths of Twitter and how it can be used to create a relationship with your online customers and your #brand.

(we did it again, 140 characters exactly ^).

Seven Secrets to creating engaging tweets

We certainly can’t create your posts for you (but if you really want us to, visit “PMSI Website” and learn more about our services), however we can provide you with some quick tips to help you compose the best tweets possible. Every business is different, but as long as you utilize these concepts when creating content, your tweets will fly.


  1. Have an Attractive Personality

Put some personality into your content. Whether you are just starting up your Twitter account or have had one for years, make sure to send out Tweets that are unique to you and your business. This may include tweeting pictures of your whereabouts and activities, or mentioning other businesses and causes you are passionate about.

  1. Be Social

You are on a social network afterall. This means you should actively engage with your followers and other businesses in relation to your product or location. Make sure to follow your followers back and respond to their comments, even retweet their tweets if they are supportive and help brand your business. By mentioning people or businesses in your tweets, you are directly engaging with your audience.

  1. Don’t Forget Your visual

Whether it be a photo, gif or video, having a visual will boost exposure. Although including one of these will reduce your total character count, tweets with visuals tend to receive greater engagement than those without. This doesn’t mean every single tweet you create needs a gif, but as the old saying goes… A picture is worth a thousand words – that’s a lot of characters you could be are adding to your post!

  1. Consistency is Key

People who use Twitter don’t appreciate an account that only tweets twice a year (“Merry Christmas!”  & “Happy New Year!”), but they also dislike an account that tweets too frequently. Make sure the number of tweets your business puts out per week stays consistent throughout the year. Timing consistency is also important – daytime tweets will receive more exposure than night tweets, and weekend tweets will become popular among your followers. Social Media doesn’t take days off!

  1. Use hashtags – But not too many

Hashtags are a tool that allows your business to connect its product and brand to a larger trend, or to create a trend of its own. Keeping this in mind, make sure your hashtags are relevant to your brand or something you are passionate about. Avoid using a hashtag on #something #random.

  1. Provide Real-time Information

This is one of Twitter’s most powerful attributes. If your business is hosting an event, releasing a new product or if something funny just happened in the office, report it on your Twitter account in real-time. It is your job to “break the news” to your followers on exciting happenings that are relevant to your brand.

  1. Be creative

Although this may come off as a generic guideline, creativity has to be mentioned on this list. As stated in the introduction – the ability to compact your business’ brand identity into a short tweet shows an understanding of social media that your followers will appreciate and support. However this will only work if you are clever with what you do! Think “viral.”


Twitter is the only social media that purposefully limits you, which makes it all the more fun to use and gives you a greater potential to stand-out to your customers. Keep in mind the seven secrets whenever you are utilizing your business’ Twitter page and you’re bound to receive greater levels of engagement.

Apply these concepts to your business account. Your followers are waiting for personal, consistent, visually appealing and creative tweets!

(That’s 140 again, in case you were counting)!
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