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Branding and Social Media: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Brand

12 Aug Branding and Social Media: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Maintaining a brand on social media is one of the most important parts of running a business, especially if most of your business takes place via the Internet. You want to portray a certain image, but locking down that image is much easier said than done. There are many different parts to locking down an image on social media that you may not have thought of yet, but follow these few tips and you’ll be on track to accurately portraying your brand in no time at all!

Consistency is so important when posting on any social media platform, but it’s specifically important in your profile pictures. You should pick one consistent image or logo that represents your company and make it your profile picture on every social media platform your company is on. It’s a difficult process to get “verified” on most social media networks, so when you have one unified image across all of your social media platforms, it makes it easier for your customers to find your profile without going through the often-strenuous process of getting verified.

Just like a profile image, it’s important to have a consistent voice when you’re posting on all of your social media networks. An easy way to achieve that is by having one person run all of your social media profiles rather than one person in charge of Twitter, another running your Facebook account, and so on. However, if you aren’t the person who is running your social media accounts, make sure you have a clear understanding with that person (or company) regarding your company’s voice. You want to be professional, but you also want to have a touch of personality to catch the attention of your readers and keep them engaging with you.

Speaking of engagement—be sure to engage with your followers. Ask your fans what they want to see from you. Whether that’s just asking them what types of posts they like or simply asking them questions about your different products or services. They’ll love that you’re taking the initiative to hear their feedback, and it will help grow your audience! On the same note, there’s no reason that you can’t look around at other social media profiles. Take a look at what your competition is doing on their accounts. You’ll either get some ideas about different methods you can apply or you’ll learn what not to do. Either way, you’ll benefit from paying attention to what your competitors are doing.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, don’t start running multiple social media accounts for your company without a purpose. Most people have social media accounts to promote their brand, business, or website. Some social media networks specialize in certain services over others. For example, Instagram, doesn’t allow clickable links, which makes promoting something like a website very difficult. There are social media platforms that are better suited for some companies than others, so do some research before you invest time into growing a following on a platform that may not be beneficial for your business.

While the steps we’ve listed may sound like a simplified explanation of branding and social media, they are important to maintaining your brand. Social media doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult if you have a plan, know which platform is best for your plan, and stay consistent to your messaging and image. And, there are those of us who LOVE this stuff – don’t be afraid to talk to a social media expert if you have questions.

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